Get iTunes Library Back – It’s Simple!

How to migrate iTunes library to a new computer system? It’s not that much tough unless you have lost something. But, if you have lost your iTunes library and looking for some way out to get that back, you will need to spend some time over finding the solution. To save your time, here is the guide for you to follow.Sharepod – Use To Transfer Music And Videos On Windows

You don’t need to worry about the songs bought from iTunes and now lost from your iPhone library, as Sharepod is the best alternative. It helps in transferring videos, music, voice memos, playlists, and the ringtones.Sharepod can be used for windows.


Sinuti – Use On Mac

Sinuti is the best tool for Mac users to transfer songs that are above 1,000 in count. It costs $18.99.

Re-Sync Data On iPhone

After getting the data back on computer, it’s easy to re-sync the data you want onto iPhone. Here are the steps for re-syncing

• Connect iPhone with computer
• Go to iTunes, go to music, check the sync music box.
• All of your music record will be re-synced
• For videos, repeat the same process of re-syncing

This process will let your computer get connected with new system and the music record will be synced with both iPhone and new computer.

Using iTunes For Apps Transfer

After getting the music back, apps might not be there. Any effort to sync the apps will result in replacing the data with iTunes library. Here are the steps to sync iPhone with new system without losing apps and other data.

• Connect iPhone with new system
• Go to transfer purchases option from dropdown menu.
• It will transfer the purchased as well as all other apps that you had downloaded from App store.
• Apps will get synced from iPhone to iTunes.

After doing this, check the sync apps box in the apps tab. You will get a warning that your iPhone apps will be replaced. Don’t worry; nothing will happen to your data and apps.


The only thing that will happen is rearrangement of your apps on the home screen of iPhone. It’s up to you if you want them back in the same arrangement order or not. It will also get synced easily with new iTunes copy.

The process might be confusing for you, but it’s not tough. So, don’t be afraid of losing your important data on iTunes without any struggle. To use apps for restoring the iTunes library, you might need unlock iPhone services. The best advice is to keep backup of computer to make syncing possible at new computer.

Happy restoring your iTunes library!


Tips on Finding the Best Cheap Calls to India

Statistics have shown that it takes an average of 26 hours for somebody to report a lost wallet, yet approximately 68 minutes for them to report their lost phone.  International communication is becoming a very important part of many people’s lifestyles.   With over 1.21 billion people living in India, over 960 million are subscribed to a type of a phone service. Thirty-one million use fixed land lines and almost 100 million are subscribed to a mobile phone service. As people need international service as much as they need a balanced income, cheap calls to India is on the utmost mind of everybody who needs this international service.

Whether it be for personal or business reasons more people than ever are finding themselves moving farther away from those that they regularly communicate with.  India has quickly become a major part of the world economic and social network. Whether moving into or away from India, international communication has become a real-time need. World international renowned schools, jobs and personal opportunities are playing more of a part into people’s daily lives.  Moving away from a friend, family member(s) or co-worker does not necessarily mean the end of communication. With the technology of today’s networks, cheap calls to India have become something that is easily accessible to everyone.


It would be almost impossible to find somebody in North America of legal age who does not own a cell phone, computer, or some sort of electronic device. Communication and convenience have become two things that now go hand in hand.  Along with this is the competitive market for your money.  Network companies now, more than ever, have fantastic and easy ways for you to be able to communicate overseas.  As always, however, along with the ease of use, comes the fine print.  There are very simple ways to be able to communicate with coworkers, business professionals and family members at prices below market rate.

Perhaps the most obvious is to compare your phone plan with other competitive companies. Make sure that your cheap calls to India are truly cheap.  If another company is offering a much more lucrative phone plan, then talk to your company and inquire about the difference. Many companies will either match the rate or offer something of comparable value.  Many of the larger companies will often have very attractive packages that can combine your phone, mobile and internet into a bundled plan at a lower rate than paying for each individually.


If you find that you do not make calls on a daily basis, but do need to communicate overseas regularly, and then consider looking into international prepaid phone cards. This is one of the most popular options for many that need to make cheap calls to India. The pricing options with these cards are as vast as the types of cards themselves.  As an added convenience, you can use the prepaid calling cards from more than one location, making it easy for those that are on the road more than at home. In addition to prepaid phone cards, many companies still offer international calling cards. These handy cards are used on demand and the cost of the call is added to your monthly land line phone bill.  The calls are often at a discounted rate and the service is as mobile as a prepaid calling card. The only noticeable difference is that the international long distance calling card bills you monthly and the prepaid card is paid for up front upon purchase.

With any phone plan, there are often peak and low times to make calls. For many, the best time for economical and cheap calls to India is outside of peak business times. This often means late at night or on weekends. While this may not work well for business professionals, it often is ideal for personal communications.


Often by looking into a phone plan’s fine print and by following their guidelines, it is fairly easy to find the best and easiest ways to make cheap calls to India.  In this fast growing digital world, communication should never be an issue. However, it is still up to you to find the cheapest and most effective way to achieve it.

Look no further than Hello Mobile for the best options, plans, rates and cards to make cheap calls to India.